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Poppies Galore

Poppies Galore


“Poppies Galore” was painted upon my return from a trip to Provence where I saw this field of poppies and where I completed a small pastel painting on location. In this much larger painting I tried to show the depth perception by dripping paint for the closer grasses and smudging the paint with a paper towel to blur the grasses further away. I had taken 16 other artists with me on what I called “A Journey of Peers” and I organized the trip to visit 7-8 sites where I had painted in the past and where I knew there would be wonderful painting locations for plein air painting. (One interesting note from the 8 day trip … the group went through 250 bottles of wine! And still a lot of wonderful paintings came from that trip.)


    Oil & Enamel, 40” x 40”                  
    Gallery Price $8,800                   
    Available in the McEvoy Studio

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