Add more emotion to your painting.

My Video Painting Lessons will develop your ability step by step,

I walk you through each level. 

Unleash Your Inner Artist’s Spirit!
Join Me in Uncovering Your Inner Artist!

Imagine how you will feel about having your own paintings on your wall.

  • Welcome Video – Weir Farm Pond Video Painting Lesson

  • Suggested Art Materials list

  • Module #1: Prepping Your Surface with Underpainting

  • Module #2: Seeing with An Artist’s Mind & Mindset

  • Module #3: Taking & Editing your Own Reference Photos

  • Module #4: Sketching In our outline and Understanding the Planes in Our Painting

  • Module #5: Painting from the Back & From Underneath

  • Module #6: Now we add the Finished Detail!

  • Weir Farm Pond Video Painting Lesson/Demonstration

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