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Nantucket Dunes

Nantucket Dunes


 “Nantucket Dunes” is the result of a trip I took to Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. I had the very good fortune of having a couple from Connecticut, who have been Collectors of my paintings for 20+ years, offer their beautiful home in Nantucket to me and my wife for free, as a gesture of kindness and friendship. They even left us a brand new jeep they had just purchased so we would have transportation while on the island. As we explored the island I was mesmerized by the fall colors in the dunes and found out later that those glorious colors were from blueberry bushes mixed within the dune grasses. ( I left a pastel painting of the island, as a token of our appreciation for my Collector’s kindness.)


    Oil & Enamel, 36” x 60”                               
    Gallery Price $12,000                 
    Available at the Handwright Gallery, New Canaan, CT



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