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Blue Chicory & Queen Anne’s Lace

Blue Chicory & Queen Anne’s Lace


“Blue Chicory & Queen Anne’s Lace”  I love painting the wild poppy scenes throughout much of Western Europe, especially in France and Italy, BUT, I am also excited to paint many of the wild flower groupings that we have here in Northeastern U.S.  A case in point is this beautiful combination of Blue Chicory (Blue Cornflower) and Queen Anne’s Lace that often times line the highways in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Again, this Abstract Impressionist style painting was completed predominantly with painting sticks (for dripping) and a palette knife, and then some small brush work for the chicory leaves.


    Oil & Enamel, 36” x 48”                    
    Gallery Price $9,900                   
    Available in the McEvoy Studio

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